The SEC Swiss Eagle Eye wire cam system offers a whole new range of camera motion possibilities. The Eagle Eye is winch driven, providing three-dimensional (XYZ), 2D(V rig) or single-axis descender camera motion. The engineers at SEC Swiss chose the versatile Shotover G1 as the ideal gimbal to compliment the Eagle Eye. This combination provides market-leading gyrostabilization, camera choice flexibility and state-of-the-art technology. The Eagle Eye was designed to be quickly installed, lightweight, and user-friendly. Safety is of the utmost importance, and all components have a 10:1 safety ratio. High-strength synthetic rope with fiber optic integration to the gimbal provides broadcast markets full camera control, 4k video and gimbal control making it both cost-effective and reliable. The small footprint of the winches allows for minimal or zero seat kill at live events. The Eagle Eye winches can work at 120V or 208V, low power consumption alleviates the need for additional power sources i.e. dedicated generator.