The Shotover G1 is the most impressive small gimbal on the market today.  It is preceded by the industry leading Shotover K1 and F1 that have set the standard in aerial cinematography.  The level of stabilization and variety of applications can’t be matched by any of the its larger stabilizing competitors.  The G1 was designed for drones, as its primary use, but is proving to be a true multi-use gimbal for a camera car, cable cam, cranes, or most any application due to its light weight and compact structure.  The G1 has an integrated wireless system to pan/tilt/roll, Shotover FI+Z, Preston handset integration and downlink video.  A wi-fi access point allows control over all the operator options and camera functions making if infinitely customizable.  It’s easy to underestimate its capabilites considering its incredible 4kg weight but the G1 can carry an array of cameras and lens combinations including the full sized Arri Alexa, Mini or Amira, Red Epic/Weapon and 4k Phantom Flex.  The G1 is ideally suited to the ever-increasing number of light-weight zooms and prime lenses.

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