The Moviebird 50XL is a new telescopic arm from end to end. It is much stiffer then its predecessors while maintaining the compact size Moviebirds are known for.

Key Features:

  • Nose load of 176lbs
  • Electric telescopic post lifts the arm to allow for an arm angle of 53deg allowing for a head to reach a height of 46’2”
  • Arm can be driven through a standard 7’ door and its short back end length of 8’6” makes it an industry leader providing increased maneuverability

The manufacturer reccomends the following safety procedures: in order to reduce the possibility of an accident, every camera crane with arm range above 30 feet (9 meters) should be operated by at least two trained technicians (grips). In case of MovieBird cranes it concerns models: MB-30, MB-35, MB-45, MB-50XL, MB-52, MB-62.