Friday, Sep 20, 2019

Basic Electrical and Lighting Safety Protocols


We understand the locations and conditions that we work in sometimes means equipment needs to perform in harsh environments.  As equipment advances technologically, in some cases, it becomes more sensitive to these surroundings and may also require protection from adverse conditions in order to perform as designed.

Recently we have seen an increase in the number of fixtures, power supplies, ballasts and other equipment that has been exposed to environments they were not designed for. Typically, this is related to moisture exposure and can result in downtime on set and loss and damage charges for the production.  To help you minimize charges and operate our equipment safely, we have a series of Quick Tips below for some of the increasingly common equipment Whites carries.

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Quick Tips

Electrical Safety

All electrical equipment should be connected to the appropriately approved electrical power supply specifically designed for use with that equipment, as per manufacturers instructions.

All cabling should be protected from damage to the outer jacket and internal conductors.


Personnel Safety

Most lighting equipment emits intense light that can be harmful to your eyes, if they are exposed to the light source without the appropriate eye protection. Never use any lighting fixture without its installed lens, diffuser or other guard in place.


Moisture, Humidity & Condensation

All equipment should be protected from moisture, humidity or condensation, unless that equipment is designed to operate in those environments.  Protection from these environments should not cause the equipment to overheat. Listed below are some common equipment manufacturer types and their approved protective ratings.


Equipment Type

Operating Environment


Arri M Series HMI Heads

Protect from water spray less than 60 degrees from vertical.

IP 23

Arri Ballasts

Protect from moisture

IP 22

Power Gem Ballasts

Protect from moisture

IP 21

Arri Skypanels

Protect from moisture and condensation

IP 20

Kino Flo

Dry Locations Only


Lite Gear

Dry Locations Only


Quasar Science

Dry Locations Only



If more information is required from the manufacturers about the equipment, please visit:

Arri: https://www.arri.com/en/

Power Gems: https://powergems.com/

Kino-Flo: https://www.kinoflo.com/index.htm

Lite Gear: https://litegear.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

Quasar Science: https://www.quasarscience.com/

IP Ratings: http://www.dsmt.com/resources/ip-rating-chart/