William F. White International and Movietech join forces in the UK Film and Television rental market

Thursday, May 05, 2022

Toronto, Canada (May 5, 2022) - William F. White International Inc. (WFW), a Sunbelt Rentals company, is pleased to announce we are joining forces with Movietech Camera Rentals Ltd., a leading independent camera, lens and grip rental specialist for the film and television industry in the United Kingdom (UK). This was made possible through the acquisition of Movietech by Sunbelt Rentals.

This is a significant move for WFW, kicking off its international expansion to meet the growing demands for content worldwide, driven by international streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Crave, Netflix, Disney+ and Apple TV+.  

“In 2019, WFW sold to Sunbelt Rentals with the view of expanding the business into international markets. By leveraging the financial horsepower and economies of scale that Sunbelt Rentals brings to the table, we have taken a significant step towards achieving our goals,” says Garin Josey, Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer, WFW. “We are excited to make this inaugural move with Movietech, a company that shares our culture, vision and passion for the industry.”

Movietech was established in 1991 and has bases at Pinewood Studios and Great Point Seren Studios in Wales. Says Movietech Chairman, John Buckley, “We are delighted to join the team at Sunbelt Rentals. Having enjoyed a long-standing relationship with our friends and colleagues at WFW in North America, we are certain this represents a perfect opportunity for Movietech to offer a scaled-up version of the respected boutique-style service we are known to provide.

“With our existing team, supported by the amazing teams at WFW and Sunbelt Rentals, Movietech now has a fantastic platform to grow our range of product and services, with the breadth and depth necessary to impact this diverse and dynamic production market. We look forward to delivering these resources to new and existing customers and the wider filmmaking community.”      

The senior team will remain with Movietech to ensure a smooth integration of the business and look after its clients, with WFW Vice President, Camera and Virtual Production, Trevor Huys, overseeing the operations. “Our business revolves around the relationships we have with our clients. They trust us,” says Huys. “This is what we see and know of Movietech, having worked with them in the past. With a shared purpose and set of values, our employees and clients will only benefit from our combined reach and expertise. We are looking forward to the future!” Huys is an Associate Member of Canadian Society of Cinematographers (CSC) and American Society of Cinematographers (ASC).



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mt.pngMovietech is the UK’s leading independent provider of professional image capture solutions and quality engineered production equipment for the cinema film, television, advertising and music industries. Renowned for high levels of customer service and technical knowhow, Movietech has been around since 1991 and draws on a team with experience in filmmaking and filmmaking technology stretching back over 50 years. Movietech is based in Pinewood Studios and Great Point Seren Studios in Wales, UK.