Specialty Equipment Becomes Canada’s Exclusive Provider of Specialized Production Support from Coast to Coast!

Tuesday, Jul 12, 2016


Toronto, Canada (July 5th, 2016) - Paul Bronfman, Chairman/CEO of Comweb Corp. and leading equipment provider, William F. White International Inc. has announced today that the Remote Heads & Cranes department in Toronto will be combining its vast inventory with Telescopic Camera Cranes Ltd. in Vancouver, resulting in a new nationally unified department at William F. White entitled, Specialty Equipment. 

The team will be led by industry veterans Kerry Leger (Manager, Specialty Equipment, Toronto) and Barrie Wells (General Manager, Telescopic Camera Cranes Inc.), who bring over 50 years of combined expertise to this initiative. 

“I’m excited to see the department continue to grow,” states Leger. “Now we will be able to provide access to the same world-class specialty equipment services and support at each of our locations across the country.”

Leger, who has been at the helm of Toronto’s Camera Cars and Remote Heads & Cranes department since 1999, has been instrumental in its overall growth and success over the years.  Wells’ original company, Telescopic Camera Cranes Inc. which formed in 2000, was acquired by William F. White in 2013 and has since thrived thanks to Wells’ proven leadership and entrepreneurial collaborations.  

 ”Being a part of the William F. White family has been an incredible experience,” states Wells. “I’m thrilled to help propel the Specialty Equipment brand forward as we continue to provide our clients with unhindered access to the best, most comprehensive and wide-ranging arsenal of specialty equipment right across the entire country.”

Specialty Equipment will continue to provide our national client base with access to our original world-class inventory of Remote Heads and Cranes, and will also offer expanded products and services including Camera Cars, Motion Control, High Speed Capture, Balloon Lighting, Aerial Services and much more!

 ”This combined department will now have the scale and ability to effectively and efficiently deliver the best production tools to our clients on a national level,” states Bronfman.  “I’m very proud of our hard working employees who made this accomplishment possible.  Thank you!”