Thursday, May 21, 2020

  Operational Changes - May 21, 2020

Over the past couple of months our teams at Whites have worked tirelessly to determine how best to adapt our operations to a new normal. Every line of business has assessed the impact of these unprecedented conditions on our operations with three goals in mind:

  • Minimize close physical interactions between people in our facilities
  • Protect people that need to interact with others
  • Ensure that Whites controlled equipment is safe when it passes from our control to yours

Please review our initial plans below, along with what we need from you as we all move forward together. As always, we aim to continue working with you as efficiently as possible, with the excellent service you have come to expect from your partners at Whites.

Protecting Staff and Crew

  • All staff are being extensively trained on new processes and procedures
  • All staff will work remotely when possible
  • All staff to undergo frequent health checks and complete ‘fit for work’ assessments
  • All access to Whites rental facilities is controlled
    • in person meetings are discouraged - meeting remotely preferred
    • any visit to a Whites rental facility or to Whites controlled areas in our studios must be scheduled and approved in advance (unscheduled visits will be subject to delays)
    • all visitors to rental facilities will be required to Check-In and complete a Registration process (including a health check) prior to accessing the building
  • All staff will be provided personal hand sanitizer to carry with them while at work to ensure easy access to frequent hand sanitizing
    • Numerous hand wash/hand sanitizing stations are being installed throughout our facilities for people who don’t have a personal hand sanitizer with them
  • Increasing frequency and level of cleaning throughout each facility
  • Warehouse personnel will work in “pods” - smaller groups that interact less with other staff in the facility
  • PPE (facial coverings) will be required for all staff and visiting personnel at Rental Facilities (except for designated single person offices and couriers & deliveries/pickups effected outdoors)
  • All staff and personnel on Whites properties trained and continuously informed of 2m/6’ Physical Distancing requirement
  • Flow management at larger rental facilities to manage wait times
  • Aligning Whites’ requirements in our studios with our studio clients’ needs

Modifying Our Facilities

  • Each rental facility has been divided into Zones to control access and flow:
    • Grey Zone - outdoor areas
      • facial coverings are optional provided sanitized gear is not in the area and physical distancing can be maintained
      • production crew permitted in this zone
    • Orange Zone - indoor loading areas
      • facial coverings mandatory
      • production crew permitted in this zone
    • White Zone - rental equipment is sanitized and stored
      • facial coverings mandatory, ensuring rental equipment is not at risk of casual contamination
      • no visitors, guests, or production crew permitted in storage areas
  • Implementing “Curbside Service” in numerous rental locations, minimizing interactions between staff and production crews
  • Signage and other traffic flow control systems are being installed throughout our facilities to encourage physical distancing
  • Numerous hand wash/hand sanitizing stations are being installed throughout each facility
  • Physical barriers are being installed in areas where physical distancing is impractical
  • Designated areas are being created to segregate equipment when required
  • All room capacities of enclosed spaces are being adjusted to allow a minimum of 4m^2 per person
  • Identifying optimal reduced capacities for open areas (i.e. loading bays)
  • Creating single direction flow where space is restricted (long hallways, etc.)
  • Providing separate washroom spaces for production personnel and visitors to our rental facilities

Processing Equipment With Care

  • All classes of equipment will be sanitized or quarantined to ensure the risk of contamination is minimized
    • balancing sanitizing with the most efficient methods to maintain service speed
    • developing detailed procedures and training our staff in those procedures to ensure proper sanitizing and minimizing risk of cross contamination when handling
  • Enforcement of Zones, restricted access and mandatory facial covering will help ensure safe storage of rental equipment in the warehouse
  • A Technology Support Team has been established to create and test solutions and protocols for disinfection of equipment
  • Signing of contracts and other paperwork will be transitioned to digital platforms wherever possible
  • Adjusting procedures for exchanges to minimize interactions

Additional Notes

As we work through every single detail of our operations and create new solutions, we will share more information about the items below with you as they become finalised:

  • “Curbside Service”
  • Sanitation procedures of individual pieces of equipment included in our packaged trucks
  • Procedures for equipment that we have historically managed but is not under Whites control

Thriving Together - What We Ask of You

As we work together to thrive in this new environment, we’d like to ask for your support and adoption of the following:

In our rental facilities:

  • Book ahead and register when you visit our facilities, and limit the number of people you bring
  • Stay in the designated areas unless escorted, and wear facial coverings to protect the equipment and those you are working with
  • Sanitize your hands often
  • Be patient and continue to be kind to those around you

On set:

  • Follow our guidelines for cleaning of Whites equipment while it is in your control

In our studio facilities:

  • Develop and implement plans to control access to the facility
  • Provide mechanisms for physical distancing in the areas you control
  • Provide appropriate PPE for your team
  • Provide more frequent sanitizing of the facility
  • Minimize or eliminate visitors and non-essential personnel inside the facilities
  • Work with Whites as you develop and tailor your plans to our studios
  • Sanitize your hands often
  • Be patient and continue to act kindly to those around you

If you have any questions or suggestions about the above details, please get in touch with us. As always, we are here for you, whenever and wherever you need us. 

Thank you for choosing William F. White International Inc. as your Partners in Production.

Paul Bronfman (Co-Chairman) & Garin Josey (COO)
William F. White International Inc.