Monday, Jun 29, 2020

Production Recovery Stage Update | Last Updated: June 29, 2020

Across the country, provinces have been announcing plans to return to work and our own Recovery Plan is following suit. Below is the current status of each of the geographic markets in which we operate. The recovery stage of each market will change based on the latest provincial guidelines and decisions made by our leadership team. We will keep you updated with new developments anytime there is a change to the Recovery Stages listed below.


For a detailed explanation of each Recovery Stage, please see our Recovery Plan document.


Operational Updates

As we continue to ramp up operations, our team is working behind the scenes to sanitize every piece of equipment while practicing our new pandemic operational protocols. Please see our Operational Changes document for more information on these protocols. 


Sanitization Procedures

All equipment provided by any of our operations is verified by us to be sanitized and safe for use when equipment passes to your production. In consultation with the industry and our manufacturing partners, we’ve developed a comprehensive set of sanitizing protocols for all equipment provided by us. Please see links to our sanitizing guides below organized by product category.


Camera Cleaning & Disinfecting Guide 

Watch Video


Frequently Asked Questions

In the FAQ documents listed below, we’ve distilled much of the pertinent information to what may be top of mind for you right now. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Additionally, we’ve created maps of each facility that you can pass on to any drivers or crew so they’ve got a mental picture of what to expect before they arrive on site. Video snapshots of each facility are also being shared through our Instagram Stories

Our Studios team is working with each production to ensure our spaces and operational protocols are updated to meet the needs of each production. For more information, please contact our Studios GM directly.