Our commitment to sustainability

We are deeply aware of the challenges that face the world arising from climate change and the degradation of natural environments. As employees of William F. White International Inc., we have an opportunity to demonstrate sound environmental stewardship, and at the same time contribute to the sustainability of our business through a focus on the triple bottom line:

Environmental - taking practical measures to reduce the environmental impact of our company;

Social - the satisfaction and pride (and increased engagement) we all realize in “doing the right thing”;

Financial - the demonstrable savings that can be realized through efficiency and better environmental stewardship, and all the associated impacts around feeling good about Whites’ commitment.

To begin, there are three main strategic areas of focus:  

  1. To incorporate principles of sustainability into our operations with the ultimate goal being a net-zero operation that extends from the warehouse/office floor deep into our supply-chain;
  2. To lead in finding solutions to the challenges of on-set sustainability as it relates greenhouse gas emissions;
  3. To share knowledge about sustainability and strongly advocate for the adoption of “do no harm” as a first principle in all aspects of film and television production.

We will achieve these goals by:

  • Developing environmental sustainability plans with measurable financial and logistical objectives.
  • Promoting reuse and recycling and composting in all aspects of our operations.
  • Renovating existing facilities to improve energy efficiency and reduce waste.
  • Transitioning purchasing decisions toward producers and suppliers who have adopted environmentally responsible practices.
  • Sharing information company-wide regarding best practices from the standpoint of sustainability and environmental impact.
  • Seeking to create and/or preserve green space on or around our facilities wherever possible.
  • Publishing an annual report documenting the efforts of Whites to modify its operations in ways that are responsive to the threats of global climate change and environmental degradation.

We further accept our responsibility to do the following:

  • Provide and support employee and industry forums for the discussion and development of solutions regarding sustainability issues.
  • Share research, insights and best practices regarding Whites’ successes, climate change and sustainable development.
  • Work in partnership with industry stakeholders, governments, the public, businesses and others in the academic world so that we may together create an environmentally sustainable film and television production industry from coast to coast to coast.