Jason Bilodeau

Manager, Warehouse Operations

Ed Brando

Director, Client Services

Brad Bugden

Manager, Fleet & Generators Maintenance

Erica McLean

Assistant General Manager

Rebecca Riemersma

General Manager, Whites Studios Inc.

Paul Rouleau

Manager, Lighting Maintenance

Elizabeth Seymour

Manager, National Collections

Mark Smith

Manager, Studio Operations

Jeremy Walsh

National Director, Rental Maintenance


Sean Toner

Assistant General Manager


Craig Aftanas

Manager, Operations

Sandra Simoes

Manager, Administration

Michael Drabot

Vice President/General Manager, Whites Toronto & Whites Winnipeg


Robert Varga

Manager, Client Services


Tracy Alves

Director, Marketing & Communications

Jonathan Auriemma

Manager, Prep Services & Inventory Control - Whites Camera

Sami Baig

National Accounting Manager

Brandon Cooper

Director, Client Services & Operations - Whites Camera

Bruce Dale

National Manager, Education and Training

Mike Harwood

National Director, Technical Support & Development

Trevor Huys

Director, Technical Services & Operations - Whites Camera

Lauren Maggio

Manager, Expendables/Retail Sales

Tricia Martin

Manager, National Purchasing

Rob Mason

Assistant General Manager

Michael McNally

Commercial Client Service Manager

Roger Playter

Manager, Client Services

Anna Popio

Manager, Client Services

Derek Reneau

Manager, Maintenance/Assistant to the General Manager

Allison Spicer

Director, Human Resources

John Talley

Manager, Fleet & Generator Department

Robert Varga

Manager, Client Services

Brendan Ward

Manager, Warehouse Operations/Assistant to the General Manager

Jim Wilson

National Inventory Management


Trevor Sutherland

Manager, Atlantic Canada


Barrie Wells

General Manager, Whites Specialty Equipment