Our company

Founded in 1963, William F. White International Inc. is Canada’s iconic and largest provider of professional motion picture, television, digital media and theatrical production equipment. We service productions of all sizes from coast to coast and have the most extensive inventory of equipment in the industry, including the very latest in technological advances.

Our inventory includes a complete array of film and television lighting (including HMI & Tungsten, SourceMaker Balloon Lighting) and grip equipment, and an extensive fleet of crystal sync generators (from 3kW to Twin Pack 200kW tractor-mounted units). We also carry a wide range of remote heads (including Alpha Stabilized and Mo-Sys) and cranes, motion control, camera cars, and related specialty, state-of-the-art production equipment.

We’ve established a reputation for excellence and are recognized by Canadian and international producers as one of the best rental and sales firms in the world. We are also partners with Sparks Camera and Lighting Ltd., a leading Budapest, Hungary-based provider of motion picture production equipment (founded by the legendary DOP Vilmos Zsigmond), servicing Western and Eastern European producers.

Whether theatre, television, digital media or a grand scale movie production, when it’s all said and done, hundreds of behind-the-scenes people collaborate to produce superb results on the screen. At William F. White International, our dedicated professionals are proud to be recognized as an integral part of the motion picture and television industry in Canada and throughout the world.

“Our business is relationships founded on integrity, trust, quality of service and mutual reward through team commitment and dedication.”

Paul Bronfman
Co-Chairman / Senior Advisor